Events / Meetings

At Vinha Boutique Hotel you can find different spaces for events / meetings tailored to your needs.
We have various indoor and outdoor spaces for exclusive events of a corporate or social nature, as well as an efficient team to support you in the organisation of any event.
Social / Corporate Event

Exlusive Spaces for Memorable Events Social / Corporate Event

The versatile spaces at Vinha Boutique Hotel can accommodate events of different formats and sizes, such as corporate events: organisation of breakfast | lunches| and dinners; presentation of brands | products | companies; creating pure lifestyle moments with business partners or clients; private events: baptisms, weddings, birthdays as well as get-togethers with family or friends.

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Private Dining Room

Events with an Exclusive Aura Private Dining Room

Private room with striking interior decoration and with reserved access, dedicated to fine dining in an exclusive and intimate format, with a different kind of service.

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Royat Room

A room where the colour of wine sets the tone Royat Room

Its first letter R is for the RED that defines the colour of the space. The colour of red wine that presides over this multifunctional room. The Royat room is a versatile option for a small-sized event / meeting, with an ambience suggestive of the world of wine. Find out more details about the Royat Room or contact us for more information.

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Goyot Room

A room dressed in green Goyot Room

Its first letter G is for the colour green that dominates the décor of this multifunctional room, creating a cosy ambience for any small / medium sized event / meeting. Find out more details about the Goyot room or contact us for more information.

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Outdoor Event

3.5 hectares of outside space Outdoor Event

Vinha Boutique Hotel has various outdoor spaces available for those who seek contact with nature or just the perfect place in the open air for their event. The outside areas we have available are all different with their own distinct ambiences. Find out more here.

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