General terms and conditions

1.    General terms and conditions

1.1. By becoming a member of VINHA CLUB you are authorising Vinha Boutique Hotel to contact you through the following means: mobile phone, text message, instant messaging platforms, email or correspondence to the address stated on the membership enrolment form. If a member wishes to restrict contact, then they should formally make this request by email to:;
1.2. No member can cede, sell, or transfer their membership to a third party by any means, unless duly authorised by Vinha Boutique Hotel.
1.3. It is expressly forbidden to take photographs, record videos or sounds in any of the facilities of the Sisley Paris SPA of Vinha Boutique Hotel;
1.4. Members must make full payment for the consumption of any food and drink before leaving Vinha Boutique Hotel premises. A member’s account cannot be credited for such consumption.
1.5. Pets are not allowed into Vinha Boutique Hotel, even if they belong to a member of VINHA CLUB.
1.6. The special conditions provided to members of VINHA CLUB are not applicable to any events, campaigns or promotions organised by Vinha Boutique Hotel.
1.7. Access to VINHA CLUB is for the personal, exclusive and untransferable use of the enrolled member. It is expressly forbidden to transfer membership entitlements to third parties. 
1.8. Access to VINHA CLUB is subject to the terms and conditions described above. By agreeing to subscribe, members are accepting the privacy policy and general conditions defined by the Vinha Boutique Hotel – available on;
1.9. On completion of the enrolment process, a membership number will be sent/handed over to you so you can begin to enjoy the benefits of VINHA CLUB.

2.    Enrolment

2.1. Pre-enrolment can be made at any time, via email or in person at Vinha Boutique Hotel. For any given year, membership enrolment will depend on the current number of members for that year and is subject to a selection process. Pre-enrolment does not confer the right to admission as a member.
2.2. Enrolment in VINHA CLUB is only available to individual clients in their own names. Access to this service is not available to staff of Vinha Boutique Hotel, companies, organisations, associations, travel agencies, etc. Any exception to this rule is subject to the express approval of Vinha Boutique Hotel management. This entity also has the right to deny or revoke access of any individual/member to VINHA CLUB.
2.3. Enrolment in VINHA CLUB is only granted to persons over 18 years of age;
2.4. In filling in the enrolment form, obligatory fields must be completed for the enrolment to be considered valid.
2.5. Enrolment/renewal of membership is determined in accordance with a calendar set by Vinha Boutique Hotel.
2.6. If a membership is not renewed by the set date, then a vacancy is considered to have become available. Vinha Boutique Hotel, therefore, reserves the right to deny a late request for membership renewal.
2.7. At the time of enrolment/renewal of membership, all documents requested by Vinha Boutique Hotel must be presented and full payment must be made, which is not refundable.
2.8. The validation of enrolment/renewal of membership depends on the full compliance of the previous point, and upon confirmation of payment;
2.9. The act of enrolment at VINHA CLUB is only considered valid upon payment of the annual fee of the VINHA CLUB.

3.    Fees

3.1. For use of the facilities/services of Vinha Boutique Hotel an annual fee is due, made in a single payment upon enrolment, in accordance with the price list presented here and available on the Vinha Boutique Hotel website – Prices apply to the periods of time laid down in the following conditions of membership:
‣     Lifestyle and Family Membership - 12 calendar months from the date of enrolment; 

4.    Optional services

4.1. Babysitting, concierge, valet parking, skipper, as well as wellness and gastronomic experiences must be paid for in accordance with the internal regulations of Vinha Boutique Hotel.

5.    Damages

5.1. Members are responsible for any damages caused by them, their guests or family members to any member of staff or equipment and facilities of Vinha Boutique Hotel;
5.2. Vinha Boutique Hotel cannot be held responsible for valuables belonging to its members, when not handed in for safekeeping under the terms of the regulations.

6.    Opening Hours

6.1. Usage of any service or activity of Vinha Boutique Hotel is subject to previously established opening hours. Vinha Boutique Hotel reserves the right to deny a member usage of the hotel’s facilities outside the hotel’s operating hours. 

7.    Membership card

7.1. Membership cards must be shown for any contractual discount to be applied in the use of services to be enjoyed at Vinha Boutique Hotel or any associated company;
7.2. Vinha Boutique Hotel or any associated company of VINHA CLUB may ask for an identification document to be shown in order to confirm the identity of the cardholder. The same condition applies when enjoying special conditions of an associated company/brand of VINHA CLUB.
7.3. In case of loss of card, the member must request a duplicate. which will have an additional cost of €10 (for each extra card requested). Only after payment of this amount will another copy of the Member's card be issued.

8.    Dress code

8.1. Members must wear attire appropriate for each of the experiences or services used.

9.    Membership Cancellation

9.1. Cancellation of membership to VINHA CLUB may be undertaken in writing, by email, requesting cancellation and must include the following items:
‣     Member’s full name; membership number, ID number and signature. Benefits will not be recovered, as well as bonuses or promotional bonuses. Membership status will be immediately terminated and cannot be reintegrated or transferred to another member. The amount paid on enrolment or renewal will not be refunded.
9.2. Vinha Boutique Hotel can immediately terminate the enrolment of any member, without the need for any justification, should any of the following circumstances occur:
a)    Improper conduct of the member;
b)    Failure to pay the annual fee;
c)    Loss or damage to any property of Vinha Boutique Hotel.

10.  Alternative Dispute resolution:

10.1.        In case of dispute, as a consumer, any member can resort to an alternative dispute resolution entity for consumers. More information is available on the consumer web portal

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